Church Personnel (paid and volunteer)

Rector (Pastor, Priest) The Rev. Diane Murray
Music Director/Worship Coordinator Tony Karl
Organist Randy Hronek
Financial Peggy Turnbull

Vestry/Church Council (elected and appointed)

Senior Warden Tammy McVeigh (2019)
Junior Warden Chris Eggert-Rosenthal (2019)
Members Mary Green (2019-2020)
Richard Hall (2019-2021)
Kim Kaufmann (2019-2021)
Mike Laughrin (2017-2019)
Peggy Turnbull (2019)
Clerk (appointed by the Vestry) Tony Karl
Treasurer (appointed by the Vestry) Peggy Turnbull

Endowment Trustees (elected)

Eleanor Agnew (2019-2021)
Dan Hornung (2017-2019)
Mark Hunner (2018-2020)

Diocesan Convention Delegates & Alternates for 2019 (elected)

Eleanor Agnew - delegate
Mary Green - delegate
Tony Karl - delegate
Kim Kaufmann - 1st alternate
Murray Sim - 2nd alternate
Richard Hall - 3rd alternate