Worship Ministry

There are a variety of opportunities to become part of the worship ministry.  

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On Wednesday evenings at 4PM and at other times throughout the year we offer a worship service. Most Wednesdays we celebrate the Eucharist (Communion) but if the priest is not available, lay members (not ordained) who get some training and are known as Worship Leaders lead a prayer service known as Evening Prayer. At either of these services we offer prayers for healing. Typically we have music led by a guitarist.

On Friday mornings at 6:30AM and at other times throughout the year we offer a prayer service known as Morning Prayer.  Most Fridays at St. James this service is led by a lay person (not ordained), who gets some training and is known as a Worship Leader. Music is a cappella in the simple style of Taize.

On Sunday morning during our 10AM worship service we have a variety of people assisting with the service.  Eucharistic Ministers are trained to assist in the distribution of the communion bread and wine.  Readers assist by reading the scripture lessons and leading the Prayers of the People, our intercessory prayers we pray in corporate (group) worship.  Acolytes or servers assist the priest at the altar, carry crosses, candles, incense or fly the dove during different parts of our worship services.  Ushers assist with the flow of people traffic, helping people find a seat, the restroom and seeing that people are able to follow the service.

We also have the ministry of Greeters and Ushers. the Greeters role is to help visitors and guests feel comfortable and welcome anytime they come to St. James. It is a ministry much broader than the Sunday morning worship service! Ushers help make sure people can find seats, find needed places in the church such as the bathrooms and assist with several other things as needed during the service. 

There is training for these ministries and people typically are put into a rotation, others are willing to help however needed, whenever needed.