African Well Fund

African Well Fund is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising funds for building and maintaining wells in Africa. It was formed in October 2002 by a group of U2 fans inspired by the media coverage of Bono’s May 2002 trip to Africa with then Secretary of U.S. Treasury, Paul O’Neill. Struck by the relatively low cost of building a well and the enormous difference that a well can make in the life of a village, we were convinced that raising the money to build a well was an easily achievable goal. It was from this conviction that the African Well Fund (AWF) was born. African Well Fund is not affiliated with Bono in any manner other than the founders liked his music.

A member of St. James along with others in various parts of the world gathered the idea for the African Well Fund and then they worked to make the vision a reality. We have supported the work of this group financially and our member has served on the Board of Directors and continues to be involved.

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